Shop clothes and gear for mountain hiking and skiing

All of these items I’ve personally used and highly recommend. Whether it’s tried and tested hiking gear, my favourite travel snacks to pack, or the best beauty products for international flights, every item here is What Lynn Loves.

Hiking Boots

I have super high arches and do a lot of multi-day hiking so I needed boots that were comfortable. Salomon Women’s Hiking Boots were as comfy on my trek through the Himalayas of Bhutan and as short Whistler hikes. These are also waterproof - a necessity in the Pacific Northwest.

Waterproof Shell Jacket

I call the Arc'teryx Alpha SL Jacket my bulletproof jacket. It’s lightweight yet can withstand so much wind and water. I also love the feminine cut which fits nicely over my hips and doesn’t ride up. The hood fits over your helmet so you can ski and ride comfortably no matter the conditions.

Warm Mid-layer Base

I love this mid-layer base for the breathability and warmth; it’s my go-to all year long. I often wear it when hiking in the cooler alpine during summer months or under my shell when it’s wetter and colder. It also has a super flattering cut and comes in several colours with or without a hood.

Hiking Socks

My sister got me my first pair of Darn Tough socks years ago for Christmas and I’m obsessed. They’re SO warm and comfortable. I bought several more pairs (I wore them trekking in Bhutan and they were perfect) and not only wear them hiking in the summer but for all my Whistler winter adventures, too!

Blundstone Boots

I was on the fence about Blundstone Boots for ages and cannot believe I waited so long to get them. They’re super comfortable, shaped to your foot, and can literally be worn EVERYWHERE. Seriously - trips to the city, to and from yoga, and backyard hikes. My only regret is not buying them sooner.

Larabar Snack Bars

I never leave home without a Larabar in my bag. These healthy snack bars are perfect for long hikes, international flights, or you can keep them stashed in your desk like I do. Many of you know I do Whole30® several times a year, and I love that the Apple, Cashew, and Blueberry Larabars are compliant. Winning!